Payment Policy

    1.) Payments

    All charges are shown in Canadain Dollars. Payments are to be made in Canadain dollars. Domsrv Domain Services prices are subject to change without notice. Domsrv Domain Services accepts the following types of payments.

    Money Order,
    or PayPal

    2.) Account Statement

    All payments are due on the Account Statement Date. The Account Statement Date is the Yearly anniversary of the date the account was activated.

    3.) Automatic Payments
    If you provide Domsrv Domain Services with your credit card information, you authorize Domsrv Domain Services to automatically charge your credit or debit card for charges that apply to your account. Recurring charges will be posted to your credit card until such time that you cancel your account in accordance with Domsrv Web Hosting payment Policy. You are responsible for directly updating, or notifying Domsrv Web Hosting, of any changes to your credit card (including, but not limited to card number, expiration date, billing address, or card status).

    4.) Account suspension

    Accounts that are past due on payment will be automatically suspended. Until A payment have been made. If an account is suspended three (3) or more times, or has been in a suspended status for sixty (60) days, the account will be deleted and all data will be removed from our servers. This DOES NOT cancel the billing account. A cancellation form will need to be filled out in order for a billing account to be cancelled.

    5.) Account Renewals
    In order to insure uninterrupted service to your website, all plans will automatically receive an email with a link to you invoice linked to PayPal for payment. If you wish to cancel your plan before the plan renewal, please refer to the cancellation section on the website. An automated renewal notification will be sent to the email address on the account, at least 30 days prior to actual processing of the renewal. If automatic payment can not be made then an account may become suspended due to non payment. If an account is suspended for non payment the invoice must be paid in order to regain access to the account. Domsrv Domain Services reserves the right to charge a one time service fee of $40.00 if the customer does not wish to renew, but requires a backup of the account. This backup will be delivered via a downloadable link which will be sent to the customer after payment has been received.

    6.) Important Notice

    Domain name registrations and web hosting accounts are handled by separate entities. In the event you need to cancel, you must specify whether you would like to cancel your domain name only, your web hosting plan only, or both your domain and hosting accounts. The cancellation, expiration, or transfer of your domain name does not automatically terminate your hosting account (or vice versa). Your hosting account billing term automatically renews upon its completion, unless you notify Domsrv Domain Services that you would like to cancel your account at least (3) three days prior to your renewal date.

    Domsrv Domain Services does not mail paper invoices or statements. Statements can be viewed and printed through our billing panel.